Sy Pilecap


Geo.De.Sy  v.

Geo.De.Sy is a complete drawing environment with survey utilities free for the customers of IQSoft and CivilShop.

DEMO- SY Salvage Yard System  v.1.0

SY Salvage Yard software system complete. Vehicle salvage yard management system for Windows™ PCs. Computer inventory and sales history of vehicles and parts for Salvage Yards. Easy to use Part-Finder and Vehicle-Finder menu interface.


Jouez au Backgammon Gagnez de largent

Jouez au Backgammon gratuitement et gagnez de largent! rejoignez maintenant la plus grande salle de Backgammon en ligne du monde C'est gratuit ! Play65 est la salle de backgammon en ligne la plus importante, avec des millions dutilisateurs inscrits.

Aspose.Network for SharePoint  v.

Aspose.Network for SharePoint allows users to convert email message files from EML to MSG, synchronize files from SharePoint document library with FTP server and syncing emails from SharePoint's custom email list with POP3, IMAP & MS Exchange Server.

505 Simulator  v.2 4

505 Simulator allows 505 programmers to program, run, and test 505 ladder logic, special functions, PID loops, Analog alarms, and simulated I/O without the use of a PLC.

FlexTk Ultimate  v.4. 7. 1930

FlexTk is an advanced file management toolkit allowing one to search and classify files, perform disk space utilization analysis, automatically organize files according to user-defined policies, copy large amounts of files in a fault-tolerant way, sy

Modicon Simulator  v.1.0.2

Modicon Simulator™ allows users to program, run, and test Modicon™ ladder logic and simulated I/O without using a PLC. Testing and debugging Modicon programs without such a tool would typically take days.

Vintage Toy Robots Screensaver  v.1

Free nostalgic screensaver of vintage robot toys from the 1950-1960s from old toy manufacturers like Nomura, Bandai, and Yonezawa for robot hobbyists and collectors. Visit www.robbiejoe.

MxCalc10B  v.

The best industry standard (*HP-10b emulator) Finance Calculator Software for Windows Phone. ~ Looks as good as the *HP-10BII ~ Performs as good as the *HP-10BII and more .. Calculate loan payments, interest rates, amortization, discounted cash flow

Disk Recall  v.2.0b615

Disk Recall is a disk cataloging utility.

Xmas Mail Stationery  v.1.0

Xmas Mail Stationery is an extension for Apple Mail under Mac OS X.

Cooperative Linux  v.1.0

Cooperative Linux is the first method for optimally running Linux on Windows and other operating systems natively.

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